Corey Rebhahn (Morgue): WHEN THE MASK SLIPPED ~ The Daily Whistle (2023)

Everyone should watch it.

Something remarkable is captured in this video … the few seconds when the REAL Morgue makes an appearance. Look at Rebhahn’s face – twisted and contorted with arrogance, anger, hatred, rage, and contempt when he says,

“If you’re talking about an essay as in contributing to something, yeah, don’t do that. That’s silly. So just again, guys, if there’s any trolls or what not out there, don’t engage with them, don’t even interact with them. Yeah, don’t engage, don’t interact, they’re ridiculous. Any kind of engagement, or interaction is not helpful.”

So who are these “trolls”? Well, they are Rebhahn’s former top mods, creators, top supporters, top donors and many once-enthusiastic Hyperians … oh, and US – the people whose work Rebhahn is plagiarizing and then grotesquely misrepresenting. This maniac is preaching ANTI-ILLUMINISM and ANTI-ONTOLOGICAL MATHEMATICS.

The person captured onscreen in those few key seconds is the creature, the monster, the beast, we have been dealing with for the last six months. This is the predator that made a false and malicious complaint to the FBI, that revels in swatting people, smearing people, phoning suicide hotlines regarding others, canceling websites, issuing lawsuits, and so on. This is the creature of whom Arden Leigh said she had worries about its “integrity/character”.

This is none other than EDGELORD MORGUE in person – Mr. Hyde come out to play. This is the sick, perverted nihilist who ran the Terrors of Men cult that preceded Hyperianism. This is the sadist and misogynist who infamously said,

“I can not count how many times some ‘spray on tan’ slut has inquired in disbelief why I dress the way I do, or do the things I do. ‘It’s not sexy’, she informs me. Such stupidity makes me want to strangle the bitch. Why should I be concerned if other people find me attractive in any way? Should I change my identity, for a waste producing organ between the legs? … Morbidly Yours, Morgue”

This is the twisted, absolutely sick individual who said,

“They display proper etiquette at the dinner table while they feast on carefully prepared pieces of the dead. I grip the steak knife and my knuckles turn white as I long to plunge it into their rancid flesh. They can not comprehend the futility of their life. I could show them.”

This is the psycho-sicko who said,

“Pity is a Sickness, a Virus Bred from Suffering. … Harsh words? I think my readers have the intelligence to see the truth here. If one looks closely you will see that it is not I who is the villain, but the one who spreads pain unto others. … The German word for pity is ‘Mitleid’, which literally means ‘suffering with’. There is nothing gained by feeling pity, no direct or indirect positive bi-product. It can only result in a loss of will, which can develop into a negative state like depression. Sometimes it may be advantageous to express pity, but feeling it should always be avoided. … You see, the wretched creature will bemoan and lament his misfortune to those around him in an attempt to evoke pain from them. This is his only power, the power to make his friend suffer. … ‘Ah’ he thinks ‘I am important enough to cause another pain’ and in this realization he feels pleasure. This is the true sadist, he that gains pleasure from inflicting pain. … I think we all have known someone like this. A whimpering creature, crying at all hours of the day and night about their ‘miserable’ situation. … They will break their own bones for your attention. I have seen it, the tantrums, the screaming, even the false suicide attempts.”

This is the sociopath who said,

“I had an acquaintance [presumably a girlfriend of sorts, as far as this creature is capable of having any interest in women] who will remain nameless. She was unhappy with her life, and would cry to me night after night. Yet she did nothing to improve her situation. She had time and opportunity to change her life, she was simply lazy. It became apparent that this person had no intention of improving her situation and was simply seeking my pity, to stir emotion. I saw the negative effects it had in my life and I severed ties with her. I will help the willing and persistent but I have no tolerance for the weak.”

This is the disgusting animal who said,

“Do not let them move you, do not let them tear you down. Leave them to die in the world they have created. Morbidly Yours, Morgue.”

This is the terrorist who said,


The mask slipped on that deadstream. It will slip more and more!

This is the total hypocrite who said,

“Raise your middle fingers to facebook, youtube and all the social nazis because we will not be silenced. Share your darkness, kill the light. Morbidly Yours, Morgue. … That is why I created this site [The Terrors of Men]. A place where I could express myself in an environment untainted by the mainstream.”

Rebhahn wrote an article called “My Page Could be DELETED: Social Networks and Freedom of Speech.”

You couldn’t make it up!

Rebhahn said,

“For those more interested as to why, I would like to take a minute to talk about Social Networking. Obviously it is extremely popular, it is not only popular but it is becoming essential. It is almost impossible not to have one if you have a large contact list. SO! What is the problem? … They are essential for bands/artists etc to share their work. … But here is the problem, these Networks are all run by companies, meaning, they make the rules. There is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH on these sites. If they don’t like what you have to say, they’ll pull the plug on you. Now it may not impact you if you don’t have that many friends on these networks. But if you do, and the networks starts to notice you, that is when the problem arises. … This is leading to mediocre art, because in theory, only those artists who are already established and have a HUGE following will be kept around, so that the networks do not look bad. … But if another artist is starting to rise, and has any message that would be considered offensive, it is very possible the network will remove them. Read the Terms of Service of any of these networks and it is written in black and white. … So that is why I created TerrorsOfMen dot com. A place where I can make my own rules. My friends, this is very important so I can continue my Stunt work, and The Intern Project, without having to ‘tame it down’. Because there is nothing tame about a Terror.”

The demented Rebhahn said,

“The Intern Project – Bleed The World, Stain it RED … SPREAD TERROR to other Networks. … Join and then simply spread awareness about this site or my stunts. You can do it any way you like. … About Morgue … You know who I am! “

This is the disgusting pervert who wrote this poem, called SLAUGHTER, SLAUGHTER:

“I will bruise the fruit

I will rot the core

I will rape the clean

I will stain the pure

Tremble in the dark

No crown will save you here

Rusted nails left their mark

And now I will taste your fear

And I have slaughtered the lamb

And I have slaughtered the lamb

The Lamb

Fallen on your knees

I’ve torn down the wounded one

Rotted flesh holds disease

You know I’m the hungry one

And I have slaughtered the lamb

And I have slaughtered the lamb

The Lamb.”

Mister Morgue (Terrors of Men; Stain It Red) – the SHOCK SURGEON – said,

“If music had an asshole, I’d fuck the shit out of it.”

This is the nutjob hypocrite who said,

“Material things (money etc.) are not important to me.”


Then the deranged clown said,

“I seek to be the best and I deserve the best.”

The psychotic blusterer said,

“I don’t keep people around as emotional crutches. … I don’t associate with people just because they make me feel good like a fearful child who clings to a stuffed animal.”

This lunatic said,

“I burn at maximum and I don’t expect to have a long life.”

You’ve already outstayed your welcome, mate! Think of how much better the world would be without all the “influencers” – malignant narcissists one and all.

Rebhahn said,

“Yes, Valentine’s day is a sickening holiday. … On February 14th young girls would write their names on slips of paper and place them in an urn to be mixed. Young males would then come forward and take a slip at random, and this would be their sexual partner for the duration of the festival. The next day the festivities began with the slaughtering of a goat, a dog, oh and don’t forget the ritual flagellation. What a fucking fantastic holiday!”

This sick predator said,

“I’ve had a number of people ask me about my influences. So I thought I would share a very important one. His name is Saturn, devourer of children. His portrait hangs above my bed.”

Remember Rebhahn posted that stomach-churning pedo picture?!

Rebhahn said,

“Children, Meet Satan … I must say, Satan destroying that worthless society is very inspiring.”

This predatory monster said,

“Saturn’s unforgiving, ever hungry eyes both deeply disturb and fascinate me. Keep a look out, and you will see his influence in my future work.”

The sick fuck said,

“The Intern Project – Bleed the World, Stain it RED … The Intern Project is an organization for those who are dissatisfied with the mediocrity humanity creates. Rejoice as you are prepped for surgery dear intern, the path to vitality lies before you. As the dying god breathes his last we will take his place and our blood will stain this world red.”

The monstrous freak said,

“The more I interact with people around me the more I realize just how deluded they are. They have created rules and rituals to inject false meaning into their existence. These animals are playing house, working hours on end for their little bits of green paper.”

The repulsive weirdo said,

“So I put on a smile and laugh at their clever jokes. At times I can see how easy it would be to slip into their delusion, to lean on the crutches of religion. But I reject that kind of false happiness. Religion is nothing but dead hope.”

The creature from the dark pits said,

“Yet conversely, the presence of the sleeping masses gives you an intense disconnection. Maybe this is just the ramblings of a madman. Most of my influences, Nietzsche, Goya, eventually went mad. After all, sanity would be quite boring!”

The clown with no jokes said,

“Occasionally I come across someone who is fully awake. Unfortunately most of those individuals are too weak to handle reality and collapse into depression. … It takes an iron will to withstand the weight. Do you have the strength of will to face the world? Use your hate, your frustration and your anger. These are powerful forces that can be focused into achieving your goals. … Or I suppose … We could just blow it all to hell. … Morbidly Yours, Morgue.

Rebhahn, the mind rapist, said,


This is an absolutely DISEASED human being. You could not get any more toxic. And you saw this BEAST for those vital few seconds on the deadstream.

The “Woke” Messiah version of Rebhahn is just an act, a performance, a vehicle for grifting and receiving narcissistic supply from the weak-minded and simple-minded – like Dyslexic Fairy with all her “quotes”, and Kassidy with her inane comments about batteries, bleeps and smoke alarms. Oh how the World quakes when the Dyslexic One issues a quote, or Kassidy gives a vacuum cleaner an infantile name (do these people have the mental age of five-year olds?). This is hyperawareness and World Shaping at their finest. Can’t you just feel the consciousness of humanity rising?!

WAKE UP! “Morgue” is a MONSTER. Just read, and read again, all of the quotes we have listed here. This is one sick motherfucker … a person who could easily become a serial killer. He is of course fascinated by these people.

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