The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (2023)

The Forest caves are a haven of supplies that make the nightmarish survival easier, providing you with abundant essentials like ropes, flares, soda, etc. However, these locations can be hard to find, with multiple entrances and several horrors lurking about. Here, we mention all of The Forest Cave Locations that the player can visit.

Endknight Games’ sandbox open-world survivor horror game, The Forest, surprised the vidya community with its mind-boggling graphics and creepily enchanting gameplay. This game has in store for you, hours of frightening and excessive gloom as you make your way through the Forest to the nearest coast. The Forest is a peak example of escalator horror with creepy AI sure to heighten your xylophobia. The pitch-black caves are particularly valuable among several locations that players will visit.

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The Forest Cave Locations

The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (1)

Cave entrances can be of different types. Caves in Forest are spread throughout the region, and finding them can be quite a strenuous task. However, don’t be afraid because we have given every possible Forest cave location in this guide!

  • Walk-in caves: A small congested cave opening where a player has to squeeze through to enter.
  • Climb down entrance: These entrances are like holes in the grounds with ropes leading down, which the player can use to descend into the cave.
  • Underwater entrances: These caves require the player to go underwater to enter, and you will need an item called a rebreather to assist you throughout your time in this water submerged cave.
The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (2)

Dead Cave

The very first cave that players can access is known as the Dead Cave. The grim name is comparable to the eerie horrors that await within and are a perfect way to kickstart your introduction to The Forest’s cave locations. You can enter cave 1 using three entrances. Moreover, you can also access cave 9 and cave 3 via cave 1.To access cave 9, blow up a wall in cave 9 using explosives, and to access cave 3, head towards the north of cave 1. This path gradually blends into cave 3.

Here is how you can enter Cave 1 in The Forest:

  • Sinkhole: The southeast rim of the sinkhole has an entrance to cave 1.
  • Cannibal Village: towards the south of the sinkhole is cannibal village. When you go through this path, you will be left with two entrances leading towards cave 1.

Cave Location

  • Cave 1: walking entrance between the rocks.
  • Other Cave 1: walking entrance near the Cannibal Village.
  • Third Cave 1: climbing entrance in the hill.
  • You can use this entrance to find katana, and this is why it is also known as katana cave.

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The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (3)

Hanging Cave

The Hanging Cave is a very scenic place to sneak into if you’re a fan of atmospheric horror and the bizarre. As the image above shows, the cave is set near the lake of the Main Cannibal village. Cave 2 has two entrances:

  • Main cannibal village: You can access cave 2 through the main cannibal village.
  • Smaller cannibal village: Towards the north of the smaller cannibal village, on the side of the lake, is this secondary opening leading towards cave 2.

Cave Location

  • Cave 2 entrance: walking entrance between the rocks.
  • Other Cave 2 entrance: climbing entrance located in Main Village.
  • Final Cave 2 entrance: climbing entrance on the hill.
The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (4)

Wet cave

The Wet Cave has two entrances and can also be accessed through Cave 1 – Dead Cave. You’ll need a climbing axe and a rebreather in order to explore this underwater cave.

  • Fertile Lands: On the west side of fertile lands on the river bottom, you can find an entrance to cave 3.
  • Mutant village: You can find another opening into cave 3 near the two mutant camps or cannibal villages. This entrance lies beside soiled white tents.

Cave Location

  • Cave 3 entrance: Diving entrance near the riverside village.
  • Other Cave 3 entrance: Walking entrance near the dirty white tents.

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The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (5)

Baby Cave

The Baby Cave has one entrance

  • Lakeside village: To the west of the lakeside village and in the northeast of the yacht, lies the entrance to cave 4.

Cave Location

The Cave 4 entrance: climbing entrance to the west of Lakeside Village

The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (6)

Submerged Cave

The Submerged Cave has two entrances.

  • Peninsula: You can find cave 5 located in the southwest of the peninsula. One entrance is a walking entrance between the rocks, and the other entrance is a climbing entrance located near the sacred tree.
  • Geese Lake: Another entrance to cave 5 is the underwater entrance under geese lake. You’ll require a rebreather in order to explore this cave, as most of it is underwater.

Cave Location

  • Cave 5 entrance: walking entrance between rocks.
  • Other Cave 5 entrance: climbing entrance near the sacred tree.
  • Cave 5 entrance: Diving entrance beneath the Geese Lake.
The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (7)

Lawyer Cave

This cave lies under the west coast of the peninsula, and it is split into two halves; the Eastern side and the Western side.

Eastern Side of Lawyer Cave

On the north side of Geese Lake, cave 6 has a climbing entrance. This entrance drops into a room full of beheaded lawyers hence the name lawyer’s cave. You can access cave 10 through cave 6, continuing north and destroying a rock wall using explosives.

Western Side of Lawyer Cave

The western side has two entrances to it. One on the northwest side of the Geese lake and the second entrance can be found on the side of a hill near the Shipping Containers.

Cave Location

  • Cave 6: walking entrance between rocks near the peninsula
  • Other Cave 6: walking entrance on the hill near the shipping containers.
  • Third Cave 6: climbing entrance to the north of Geese Lake
The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (8)

Chasm Cave

The Chasm Cave in The Forest has only one opening for the players to enter.

  • Landbridge: The opening to cave 7 can be found after crossing the northernmost land bridge that connects the peninsula to the mountains. This is where players can find the Modern Bow as well.

Cave Location

  • Cave 7 walking entrance near the land bridge
  • Sinkhole exit(to exit cave 7 and 8)
The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (9)

Sinkhole Cave

Among all of the Forest cave locations, this one is a bit unique. That is because Cave 8 is merged with cave 7 but has its own structure and network. It was added in version 0.01. Furthermore, the locale for this particular cave is stunning and had us put down our controller and laud its beauty for a hot minute. Players can enter Cave 8 through Cave 7’s sinkhole after passing through a set of stone doors.

Cave Location

Entering cave 8 passing through stone doors(sacrificial doors)

The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (10)

Ledge Cave

The Ledge Cave has two entrances to it. You can access cave 9 by blowing a wall in the southern part of cave 1.

  • Big lake- one of the entrances to cave 9 lies between big lake and sinkhole.
  • Hill- another entrance lies at the hill nearby the big lake.

Cave Location

  • Cave 9 entrance: Climbing entrance near white tents between big lake and sinkhole.
  • Other Cave 9 entrance: Climbing entrance on the hill near a big lake.
The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (11)

Waterfall Cave

The Waterfall Cave has the following entrances:

  • Seaside Village: One of the entrances to cave 10 is near the seaside village.
  • Beach Hut Village: You can also find another entrance to cave 10, a little further away from beach hut village near the orange tents.

You can access cave 10 through the west of the sinkhole. You can also access cave 6 through cave 10 by blowing up the rock walls.

Cave Location

  • Cave 10 entrance: climbing entrance near the Seaside Village.
  • Other Cave 10 entrance: climbing entrance near the orange tents near beach hut village.
The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (12)

Cave HC – Hell Cave

The Hell Cave is the stuff of nightmares and not for the faint of heart, but chances are, if you pushed this far into the game, you would be alright. What makes this particular cave unique is the darker than darkness vibe, and the gripping terror common across all of The Forest cave locations multiplied ten-fold. This is a dangerous zone crawling with enemies, but the rewards are as promising as terrifying enemies. Proceed with caution!

This cave is filled with cannibals, and the player can use it to access the Sahara Research Lab further in the cave. Hell cave has the following entrance:

  • Through sinkhole: At the bottom of the sinkhole, swimming through a small hole will lead you to Hell Cave.

Cave Location

  • Hell cave entrance at the bottom of the sinkhole
The Forest: All Cave Locations Map Guide (13)


This has been eXputer’s guide on The Forest cave locations. This article strives to cover any and all concerns a player might have about the Forest cave’s. This fun and the spooky little bundle of side areas is a treat for those of us that despise sleep and being comfortable. Crawling with terrors and filled to the brim with items to make further ventures easier, caves are risky but the payoff of the exploration is worth it, which perfectly captures and encapsulates the essence of a game such as The Forest.

We hope that this guide helped in making your adventures through the eerie Forest a bit easier. The Forest can get intimidating and overwhelming at times, especially if you are not a regular player of horror games, so we wish you luck on your adventures throughout this delightfully frightening game, draining it for content. Good luck!

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How do you find all the caves in The Forest? ›

Easiest way to get those is just let yourself get "killed" (assuming it's a Single Player game). You will then be dragged off to a cave in teh SE corner of the island and the map and compass are located right where you respawn. Once you got those finding stuff is a lot easier.

How many cave entrances are in The Forest? ›

Entrances. There are three primary cave entrance types, with a fourth only in use for one cave (Cave HC). There are walk-in caves, where the player squeezes between two rocks into a small opening, and rope-down entrances, which look like holes in the ground with climbing ropes and stones around the entrances leading in ...

Where is the 7th cave in The Forest? ›

The accessible entrance to Cave 7 (squeeze-in) can be found after crossing the northern-most land bridge connecting the peninsula to the mountains. It is the most difficult cave in terms of length, complexity, navigation, and number/types of enemies present.

What cave do the cannibals take you to in The Forest? ›

Cave 2 has a climbing entrance inside the Main Cannibal Village.

Where is the secret cave in The Forest? ›

The hidden stash room can be found in Cave 2 - Hanging Cave. There are multiple entrances to access the room. The closest one is near the Lakeside Village, theres a path that leads from the village to the cave entrance, it leads away from the lake in the opposite direction.

What is the fastest way to find caves? ›

This is a simple and effective technique. Simply place down pistons facing the wall(s) you are looking for caves behind and power it with a redstone torch. If there is an empty space within 12 blocks the piston will push. Simply dig in that direction and you should find a cave!

What is the rarest cave formation? ›

The fifth level of Meramec Caverns includes a "Wine Room." The Wine Room is home to the world's rarest cave formation, The Wine Table. The onyx table stands six feet high and is supported on three natural legs. Known as an aragonite formation, this structure was composed almost entirely underwater.

Is the Katana in a cave The Forest? ›

The Katana as found in the cave. The weapon is located on the left, at the knees of the business man. The cave 1 exit can be used as a shortcut to get the Katana more easily.

What cave is endgame in The Forest? ›

The Hell Cave is located at the bottom of the sinkhole. This can only be accessed by swimming through the small hole in the water (rebreather required). After a long swim the player will resurface in a very large chamber.

What is in Cave 10 the forest? ›

There's one primary area, half filled with water, at the bottom of the waterfall. A caver camp can be found at this level, with orange save tents, flarechests, and all manner of supplies.

What is in cave 12 in the forest? ›

The Kanji Cave or cave 12 is a submerged cave which can be found in close proximity to where the shipping containers are, and has a single swimming entrance. Like the other caves added in v1. 10, the Kanji Cave contains no enemies.

What can you find in Cave 9 in the forest? ›

Cave 9 contains several cannibals, as well as several mutant babies.

Can you befriend the cannibals in the forest? ›

It is also possible to "tame" the cannibals (Have them not attack you/be more docile). This is done by taking something with decent block and blocking their attacks, until they eventually show signs of neutrality towards the player.

What cave has the katana? ›

The Katana is found in the Dead Cave (Cave 1). It is one of the easiest to obtain items in the game, as it does not require that the player face any cannibals or mutants. To obtain the Katana, enter the easternmost entrance for Cave 1 (located here), which is not too far from the river.

How do you make cannibals scared the forest? ›

How cannibals react to a player with red paint on is almost exactly the same as how they react with effigies. It will cause most cannibals to fear the player and avoid them, though there are a few that will still attack the player. The reason for this is actually done on purpose by the developers.

What happens if you build a church in The Forest? ›

It serves no purpose other than decoration, except for protecting the player from rain. Like the gazebo the final amount of logs is determined by how high the player makes the structure.

Is there anything in the ocean in The Forest? ›

Sharks inhabit the water around the peninsula, and they can and will attack players who venture too close. Staying on a raft will protect the player from this, though sharks have been known to glitch through the bottom and eat the player regardless.

What cave is the axe in The Forest? ›

Hidden Stash Room Cave 2 - Hanging Cave

What is the best Y for caves? ›

With a lower bedrock level, Diamonds can be found deeper than ever. You will be able to find diamonds between Y: 16 and Y: -64. The best level to search for diamonds is around Y: -59. This is very deep, so be sure to bring plenty of torches and food, as well as weapons to fight off any mobs that come your way.

What biome has the best caves? ›

Minecraft: Every Biome Introduced In Caves And Cliffs, Ranked
  • One of two new types of cave added in the update is the Dripstone Caves. ...
  • The most "normal" biome that has been added in the Caves and Cliffs update is the Meadow biome. ...
  • By far the best newly added biome is the Lush Caves.
Dec 12, 2021

What level do most caves spawn? ›

Caves generate at any altitude up to Y-level 128. Caves can be quite deep, extending from the surface all the way to bedrock. They frequently intersect natural structures such as other caves, dungeons, ravines, and mineshafts. Because of low light levels, hostile mobs and bats often spawn in caves deep underground.

What is the most toxic cave? ›

The Movile cave in southeast Romania wouldn't be top of your holiday destination list: no light gets down to it, the air is thick with poisonous gases, and it was cut off from the outside world for around 5.5 million years before its accidental discovery in 1986.

What is the coolest cave? ›

The 15 Coolest Caves Around the World
  • 1) Son Doong, Vietnam. ...
  • 2) Chapada Diamantina, Brazil. ...
  • 3) Oudomxay, Laos. ...
  • 4) Stone Hole, South Africa. ...
  • 5) Pindaya, Myanmar. ...
  • 6) The Marble Cathedral, Chile. ...
  • 7) Pak Ou, Laos. ...
  • 8) Waitomo Caves, New Zealand.

What are the 7 types of caves? ›

Explore This Site
  • Karst Landscapes.
  • Solution Caves.
  • Lava Caves / Tubes.
  • Sea / Littoral Caves.
  • Talus Caves.
  • Ice Caves.
  • Speleothems.
Apr 14, 2021

Where is the 8th gun piece in The Forest? ›

Gun Part 8

Part 8 - At the top left end of the map. Near the Beach Hut Village but above it, near the cliff edges.

Can you get 2 katanas in The Forest? ›

So only one person can get it per session. Everything "loose" in the world, for example the katana, modern axe, booze, ropes photos and other collectibles is not shared by other players. You can be 8 players that go into the katana cave at once and everyone can get the katana at the same time.

Is there anything at the bottom of the sinkhole in the forest? ›

The player will need, among other things, the keycard, climbing axe, and rebreather to fully explore the sinkhole. There are large rock formations scattered throughout the bottom of the sinkhole, along with a couple of small waterfalls on the north and southeast sides.

What is in cave 11 the forest? ›

It can be entered by swimming into the wreck of an old ship and swimming down into a cave entrance found in a hole of the ship's hull. The cave itself is very small and has no enemy mutants that spawn naturally.
Shipwreck Cave.
Cave 11 - Shipwreck Cave
The Forest MapCave Junk Boat - Swim Entrance
7 more rows

What is at the bottom of the sinkhole in the forest? ›

Water is usually discovered at the bottom of sinkholes wherever they occur.

What is in Cave 3? ›

The following items can be found in Cave 3:
  • Chainsaw.
  • Old Gun Ammo.
  • Photo Cache 1.

What is in Cave 4? ›

Cave 4 has an entrance to the south of the Lakeside Village, (northeast of the yacht). It contains one Virginia and several Mutant babies. It's part of Cave 2 - Hanging Cave, but listed separately in the survival guide's to-do list as "keep exploring the hanging cave".

What does cave 5 have the forest? ›

Cave 5- improved lighting, removed old purses, many collision and wall fixes, fixed cross pick up fixed, cleaned up stalagmites and replaced with breakable versions. Stalagmites added to geeselake swimout. Cleaned up pick ups and props. Replaced unbreakable tables with proper versions.

What cave has the chainsaw? ›

Cave 3 - Wet Cave

How many secret blueprints are there in The Forest? ›

There are 4 schematics in the game currently.

What can you find in Cave 6? ›

Cave 6 - Lawyer Cave is one of the several caves found in The Forest, often considered as one of the most dangerous due to having multiple mutants, over a dozen cannibals, and many babies. Both halves contain several passengers. In order to fully explore the cave, the player will need the rebreather and two explosives.

Do you need the climbing axe to beat the forest? ›

It is normally not possible to go down without the climbing axe, but if you jump carefully on the walls you should be able to go down without trouble. Then follow the path until you reach the climbing axe area. You can enter the end of Cave 9 from Cave 3 by blowing up a wall with dynamite at the of Cave 3.

What is the strongest monster in The Forest? ›

Creepy mutants are some of the most deadly enemies found on the peninsula. They are larger and more dangerous than the standard peninsula mutants, able to kill the player and destroy structures in just a few hits.

Who took Timmy The Forest? ›

Dr. Mathew Cross, also known as Matt and the Red Man or the Red Cannibal, is the primary (though mostly unseen) antagonist of The Forest. He is first seen at the plane crash, kidnapping the player's son, Timmy.

Does SOS work in The Forest? ›

It does absolutely nothing. I think it's just there for immersion purposes, I've had it in place for more than 30 days and nothing noteworthy happened...

Where is Moon Bell Katana? ›

Moonveil can be obtained by defeating the boss at the end of the dungeon Gael Tunnel, which is located in Eastern Limgrave right on the border of Caelid. You can get to this dungeon rather early in the game, and reaching the boss door shouldn't prove too difficult.

Is Ronin sword a katana? ›

Ronin Katana is the world leader in complex laminated samurai swords and swords forged from meteorites. No one has designed and sold more laminated katana than Ronin.

Do skull lamps attract cannibals? ›

Are cannibals attracted to skull lamps aswell? Seems like a more resource efficient solution instead of placing standing torches and lighting them again every night. All light attracts cannibals. Although the chance of a spawn doesn't seem to stack, it tends to go off the brightest light in the area.

What does 0 sanity do in The Forest? ›

What does sanity do? It has been confirmed that Sanity has no effect on the player whatsoever. The developers had plans to incorporate effects, however at this stage it has no effect. The only thing it does is allow the player to build effigies.

What does painting yourself red do The Forest? ›

The red paint induces a passive, non-hostile state in the cannibals, who will sit and kneel, or at the very least, back away. Dr. Cross knows to use Red Paint to induce the passive state in the cannibals. Red paint can be located all over the island, notably in three different large cannibal camps.

What is the best Y coordinate to find caves? ›

1) Huge ravines on the surface

Ravines and holes in the ground can take players down into the new caves. This is one of the best ways to reach caves as players can discover a huge hole, which can gradually take them down. Some of these ravines and holes go all the way down to the bedrock layer at Y level -64.

Do you have to explore all the caves in the forest? ›

Players should not explore the whole cave unless they are well-armed, but there is an area that the player can explore that contains few enemies, and grants them access to one of the best weapons in The Forest.

Where is the secrets map in the caves? ›

Look just to the left of the large hole in the wall of the first Pump Control Room -- above the Main Sewer junction area -- for the Caves Secrets Map on a table.

What Y are lush caves? ›

A lush cave is a temperate Overworld cave biome that has a unique fauna and flora and is found underground below azalea trees.

Do you need the climbing AXE to beat The Forest? ›

It is normally not possible to go down without the climbing axe, but if you jump carefully on the walls you should be able to go down without trouble. Then follow the path until you reach the climbing axe area. You can enter the end of Cave 9 from Cave 3 by blowing up a wall with dynamite at the of Cave 3.

What number comes after 3 when night falls? ›

When you activate the question mark the riddle is " What number comes after 3 when the Dark Knight falls?" ... he then says "The answer is 2".

What Cave is the map in the forest? ›

The map is found in Cave 2 - Hanging Cave, the closest entrance can be found in the main village. When you die the first time, you also get dragged to this location, the place where you are hanging is extremely close to the map, as well as the compass.

Who was in the cell with Riddler? ›

Stuck in Arkham, Riddler is understandably upset that his horrible plan didn't play out fully. However, he's greeted by a seemingly sympathetic fellow inmate (Barry Keoghan). We only see him momentarily, but his facial scars and creepy laugh hint at his identity.

What cave is the Katana in? ›

The Katana is found in the Dead Cave (Cave 1). It is one of the easiest to obtain items in the game, as it does not require that the player face any cannibals or mutants. To obtain the Katana, enter the easternmost entrance for Cave 1 (located here), which is not too far from the river.

What is in cave 10? ›

There's one primary area, half filled with water, at the bottom of the waterfall. A caver camp can be found at this level, with orange save tents, flarechests, and all manner of supplies.


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